Enter the Arduino…

I have spent a lot of time since I was a teenager tinkering with audio and electronics, but somehow micro controllers and programming has never really caught my imagination. However, the world is going software and so it was probably inevitable that even I caught up eventually.

A while ago I stumbled across the excellent hifiduino blog (http://hifiduino.wordpress.com/) via diyaudio and saw how the Arduino board could be used to control a DAC. Since I was looking for a DAC project of this type and quality, I dove further into the posts and started reading more about the Arduino. After a while of checking code samples and downloading the Arduino IDE it dawned on me that even I could probably manage this, and that it would be possible to make many of the features I wanted in my projects quite easily this way.

So, on to ebay to buy a board and some accessories and then start coding my first project – a remote-controlled LED! Ehm, not really of course, but since a big part of what I want to do is to be able to remote control things, first test was to lift hifiduino’s code for the Apple remote and see if I could get to work controlling an LED. It’s working fine, so now I need to start investigating what exactly to use it for.


Arduino-controlled LED 😉


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