Past projects: Passive preamps

Every so often I need to test something which doesn’t have a volume control and it always ends up with some half-baked solution thought up on the spot. Rather fed up with this, some months ago I decided to build a couple of passive pre-amps. This is the result, one balanced version and one unbalanced version.

The builds are pretty standard fare (at least for me), with enclosures from hifi2000, connectors from Neutrik and a rear panel made by Schaeffer (Frontpanel Express in the US). The inside of the unbalanced version holds a cheap stepped attenuator from ebay (that works very well by the way), while the balanced version uses a quad Alps RK27. The value in both cases is 10k ohm as is the norm for passive preamps.



2 Responses to Past projects: Passive preamps

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  2. Walker says:

    I did something like this. I put two pots and a cap into a box with two jacks. It goes after a cheap tube mic pre that I like to overdrive like crazy for guitar. Pots give it a volume and tone control.

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