Past projects: An office system with Pass and ICEpower

One of the projects I actually use the most on a daily basis is my amp/preamp office system. This consists of a power amp made with an ICEpower125ASX2 class D module and a matching preamp made from a Pass Labs B1 JFET buffer. The setup normally feeds a pair of Elac 310CE speakers from a Pure i20 iPod dock (with a 160GB iPod classic and ALAC-files).

The preamp is battery powered from a pair of 9V batteries which is a great idea in theory, but not so great in practice. I use the amp quite a lot and I have found out that either you spend a lot of money buying new batteries or you spend a lot of time recharging NiMH-batteries – not sure what is worse here actually. At some point this will probably annoy me enough that I will rig something up so I can use an external power supply, but so far I am just enjoying the sound from this pair. They also showcase that even in my less than ideal settings, the Elacs are absolutely superb little speakers 🙂

In the last picture you can see the system “in situ”. The owl figure (from Züny) is partly filled with metal and provides an important audiophile function – vibration damping :D.



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