Ampduinos in the wild…

Now the AmpDuino project is starting to take shape 😀

I received the prototype boards yesterday and quickly assembled one to try it out. So far it has only been a very basic test with an I2C display and an IR-reoeiver and both seem to work without issues.

There are a couple of minor cosmetic issues with the boards and some of the connector placements might cause some problems later on (note the angled header for the SPI port – a straight one with a cable would probably block the USB port 😦 ) but so far it seems to be minor niggles only.

Programming-wise it also seems to be working well, apart from some annoying issues with the drivers for the FTDI USB-serial chip on my mac – they don’t seem to want to stay installed and working…

Next up is to do more testing on the AmpDuino itself and a few “bonus” boards I ordered as well, plus of course start building on the code base for the AmpDuino – stay tuned! 😀


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