More Ampduino testing…

I am still making more tests with the prototype Ampduino board and everything still seems to be working OK. The only problem seems to be persistent issues either with the FTDI-drivers or the Nano board I am using – I have a couple of more Nanos on order though, hopefully that will help. Now, when I ordered the boards I ordered a few “extras” as well 😀

The first is a motor driver board based on the L293DD H-bridge driver. This (and the circuit) is nothing out of the ordinary – it is basically lifted straight from AMB’s implementation on the LCDuino-board, including the option for sensing the position of the pot using an analog input pin. What is a little out of the ordinary is that I made the board very small and included pads so it can be mounted directly to the back of an Alps motorised potentiometer. This seems to work well so far – the attached picture shows the board mounted to an Alps RK16816 for testing purposes.

The second extra is an I2C isolator board based on the Analog Devices ADuM1250. This chip can do isolation of an I2C-line and it supports both bidirectional communication and level-shifting (by means of different supply voltages for the two sides of the isolator). The board is tiny and can either be used inline or installed permanently on the Ampduino using an angled header that is soldered to the board. I haven’t put this together yet because I don’t really have an application for it until I start controlling DACs via I2C, but it looks very useful so thanks to Zwack at head-fi for the suggestion 🙂

Basically this means I now have the display functioning, an IR-receiver connected and working and the basic motor driver working – not bad I think 🙂 Further expansion of the Ampduino is also in the cards as I have a PGA2310-based volume control board in the works. Prototypes have been ordered and hopefully in a couple of weeks or so I can test that and see if the Ampduino can do SPI as well 😀


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