DIY project files

The previous post seemed to have generated a lot of interest from owners of the ICEpower ASX modules who would like to try buffering the inputs of their modules and so I have had several requests for buffer design files and boards. Since this blog was never intended to be a commercial venture I have decided that I will share the design files here (I’ll post them in the next couple of days). I am also planning to share most of the design files from my “back catalogue” of boards for the benefit of other DIY’ers over the coming weeks and months – watch this space 😀


3 Responses to DIY project files

  1. Martin says:


    I was looking for the files for the “icepower” input buffer, but did not suceed. Where did you put them? Or could you provide them via mail?

    Thanks a lot!


    • Martin says:


      meanwhile I found the gerber files. Could you also provide BOM and schematics?
      That would be great! Is it possilbe to order the finished boards somewhere?


      • theslowdiyer says:

        Hi Martin,

        Good that you found the Gerbers 🙂 The schematic is included in the eagle PCB files. You can have boards made quite cheaply by simply sending the gerber files to Itead ( is what you need).

        I haven’t posted a BoM because it is a very simple and versatile circuit so the component values depend a little on the application, how much gain you need etc. If you have specific questions then let me know and I’ll try to answer (use the contact form on the “about me” page)



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