DIY project files: General Information

This part of the blog is devoted to sharing design files for some of my various audio DIY projects. Please take a moment to read the following general information before downloading and using any files.

Each project post will contain a short description of the project(s) and some key information that you may need to know as well as a download link to the project files. The downloadable file for each project will normally contain:

  • The circuit schematic and board files in Eagle 6.x format
  • A set of Gerber files generated in Eagle with the Itead cam job (see below)
  • A set of renderings of the Gerber files (made with which I highly recommend)
  • Other files (BoMs, circuit diagrams, code samples etc.) as needed

In principle, I try to design my boards as compact  (some would say “cramped”) as possible using two layers where one is normally a ground plane. There is some dispute as to whether this is the right way of doing it for all boards, but it normally makes layout easier and the routing cleaner so it can’t be all bad 🙂 I normally follow the original schematics as closely as possible, but sometimes I make decisions on parts, configuration and placement because I had a specific application in mind when doing the layout. I try to select parts as a compromise between compactness and flexibility and I try to use footprints that does not leave you tied to a specific manufacturer’s parts.

My prototype boards are normally manufactured by Itead and the Gerber files included in the downloads are therefore made with Itead’s own customized cam job for Eagle. I have no affiliation with Itead at all, but I have used them extensively and the prices are good, the quality is more than decent enough for normal DIY use, and I have (so far) received good service for all my orders so all in all I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. If you prefer, you can of course use the Eagle files to generate Gerbers for your own preferred board house (Seeedstudio, OSHpark, batchPCB etc.), many of which also offer cam-jobs for Eagle to make this process easier.

Happy building!


Important! Since these are DIY projects, the usual DIY project disclaimers apply here:

  1. These files are intended for use by individuals in and for non-commercial DIY projects. Use in group buys through forums as well as any and all forms of commercial usage are only allowed with my prior written consent (that means send me a message to ask permission before you do anything…)
  2. These are DIY projects for people with at least some basic experience in building DIY electronics including soldering, measuring, troubleshooting etc. I will do my best to provide support via email but there are no promises of help expressed or implied if you can’t get a design to work properly, regardless of whether that is my fault or yours. 
  3. Some designs may involve hazardous voltages, mains wiring and/or modifications to existing equipment. Before undertaking any of these projects, be sure to verify that you have the required knowledge to do so and that you are not violating any laws or voiding any insurance polices or manufacturer’s warranties. 
  4. The project files are shared in good faith and and will normally have been tested to provide working designs that are safe for use. However, I have no access to any special labs or measuring equipment beyond what a normal hobbyist would have, so I cannot always verify everything  before posting a design. If you find any issues, please help me (and others) by sending me a mail.
  5. Lastly: I will accept absolutely no responsibility or liability for any errors/omissions in the files and/or for any loss of or damage to anything including (but definitely not limited to) persons, pets or property that may arise from the use of these files and the building and use of the circuits they represent.




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