Project files: Regulated PSUs – part 1

What is it?
These are fixed-voltage regulated power supplies based on LM317/LM337(-type) regulators. These are useable for a wide variety of applications. There are two board versions, one intended to be supplied by a single AC supply in a voltage-doubled configuration and the other a more standard version that can be supplied from dual AC or unregulated DC. The latter version is also useable with the AUX supply on ICEpower ASX-series amplifiers (see comments below)

How big are the boards?
Boards measure 3.65×1.8″ (app. 93x46mm). The two board variations have identical dimensions.

What is the status of the boards?
The voltage doubled board is in version 1.1. I have built and tested v1.0 which had TO-220 diodes in place of the current DO-41 so there should be no issues here. The “normal” model is in v1.0 and at the time of writing I have boards on the way for this one. The only difference between the two board designs are the rectifier designs, so it should also work fine.

Does it use any special/expensive/hard-to-find parts?
No. You can go overboard on expensive regulators/rectifiers and audiophile capacitors if you feel like it, but no one is forcing you 🙂

Anything else I need to know?

  • The heat sinks on these boards are not that big, so remember to watch the power dissipation – especially if the regulator needs to drop a large voltage.
  • These designs assume you are at least somewhat familiar with how the LM317-type voltage regulators function and operate.
  • The “standard” regulator can be used with the AUX supply on an ICEpower ASX-series amplifier. For this application use resistors in place of the DA and DB diodes (check the ICEpower designer’s manual for values) and leave DC/DD diodes out.

Download design files here
For a small spreadsheet that can be used to calculate resistor values, output voltages etc. for the regulators, see the “download” page (or google to find an online calculator)

Related information:
Always check the manufacturer’s datasheet for the regulators of your choice to confirm all bypass recommendations, parameters and load conditions. This is especially important if you decide to use low-dropout (LDO) or low-noise types.
Note: Always read the “intro post” for additional important information about my designs.


4 Responses to Project files: Regulated PSUs – part 1

  1. sam says:

    This PSU is just what I’m looking for…but the zip file seems to be empty. Could you look into it please? Thanks, Sam

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