Waiter, more ICE please!

After building the 6-channel amp with the ICEpower50ASX modules my stock of modules still wasn’t depleted. Time to fire up the imagination then…except not a lot of imagination was needed to come up with this to be honest 🙂 It’s a very simple miniature poweramp in a small Modushop enclosure (cabinet dimensions excl. terminals, feet and front panel is around 130x175x40mm).

The main point of this build is small size but of course that makes the layout fairly cramped. The amp works fine as it is, but there are a couple of issues which I plan to rectify in an upcoming “v2”. Firstly, the mains switch is a bit small, in fact so small that the inrush current from the switching supply causes it to “stick” quite badly. Secondly, I have reversed the position of the left and right outputs compared to what you normally see. While it makes for slightly neater wiring on the inside, it makes for ridiculously impractical wiring on the outside (trying to cross a pair of stiff speaker cables) so that has to go as well.

Soundwise, this is quite good. From my recollection, the 50ASX is the “warmest” sounding of the ICEpower modules which is quite nice, and there is enough power on tap here (app. 50W into 4 ohms) to supply my speakers at normal listening levels. I have a matching Pass Preamp in the works as well, and with those two I actually think that is all anyone really needs from a sound system (not that this will stop me from building more gear obviously :D)


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