A milestone is reached…

Here is one of the projects, if not the project, that gave this blog its name :). It’s the Gilmore Dynahi class A headphone amplifier. First published as a design by well-known headphone amplifier designer (and chemistry professor) Kevin Gilmore on head-fi in late 2003, the Dynahi was one of the most extreme headphone amplifier designs when it was published (Kevin has pushed the envelope a little bit since then, especially with some tube amps 😀 ). The amplifier runs in class A on +/- 30V regulated rails and dissipates around 20W/channel (plus around the same for the regulated PSU boards). If that isn’t enough, you can build it as a balanced configuration as well (often referred to back in the day as the “dynamite” :D). The design was quite common a few years ago but is now not seen very often, probably because most of the active components are very hard to find nowadays.

My boards are actually from one of the original group buys on head-fi, around 2004-2005. For the last year or so (ok, it may well be two or three…) I have had the amp boards populated with resistors and the PSU-board assembled without ICs mounted, but that is as far as it got. However, this weekend I finally managed to fabricate the required angle brackets, which meant I could start matching up and mounting the output transistors. This may not be the most entertaining part of a build (at least not for me), but there is a certain satisfaction to it anyway – especially after it is done 😉

The amp boards are now briefly tested and seem to be working fine, but the PSU is acting up a little and needs to be troubleshooted. Otherwise the next step is to design the casework – even with the substantial heat that this amp gives off I am still convinced that it is possible to fit it into a 1U case (just haven’t completely figured out how yet 🙂 )

Oh, and by the way: This also happens to be my 40th post here on the blog which also qualifies as some sort of milestone I guess 😉


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