Work in progress….

It’s been a while since I have posted here, but real life is still getting in the way of my build time. At the moment this means I am mostly starting up new projects, because for some strange reason I can always find time to start new projects – even when time to finish the old ones is nowhere in sight 😀

I have been shopping a little at recently and bought several DAC boards and power supplies, so one a few DACs are in the cards for sure 🙂 Also, one or two gainclones might make an appearance as well at some point. One reason for this is that I rediscovered some pictures of the Audiosector “Patek” amp a couple of weeks ago, so guess who has been scouring ebay etc. for reasonably-priced copper bars lately? 😉

Lastly, the Borbely and the Le Monstre front/rear panels have arrived and I am pretty happy with those, so now I am just waiting for my transformer order and a free weekend and then at least that should be sorted out.

However, I have to say that even with not much new going on there are still plenty of people that find their way here. The blog was at 15k page views in the beginning of January and it is now over 21k views total – I can’t complain about that, so thanks a lot for stopping by 😀


3 Responses to Work in progress….

  1. Eric says:


    Amazing site !!

    Regarding the Hiraga Monster, since you are using the latest version with the modern BJT, does the BC550C, BC560C works well as driver ? I can see excellent reason to use them as VAS but I have some over heating concerns if these BJT are used as drivers…your comment would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi Eric,

      thanks for your comment (and the praise 🙂 ). The whole thing runs pretty hot, especially when squeezed down to the size of my PCBs, but whether it is enough to be problematic or not is a different matter. As far as I recall from the last time I had the amps out it was quite a bit hotter than what I normally run amps at, but not necessarily enough to be close to max rating for the devices. That said, I am still not entirely convinced that my version of the Monstre design is thermally stable due to the very compact size, but I haven’t done much real testing, just some quick measurements with the amps at idle. If you are bulding something a little less cramped than what I did, I think you can use the BC5x0s.



  2. Eric says:

    Thanks for the reply.


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