New gainclones…

At the start of the year I promised that I was working on some new gainclones – and here they are 🙂

Actually, it is only really one new amp (and it is “only” a mono-version of the one I’ve already published. The amp design is faithful to the original non-inverting GC circuit that is still used by Audiosector. Along with it is a tweaked version of the original PSU design I did and a new rectifier bridge PCB if you want to stick to the “original” gainclone concept and only have relatively small capacitors in the PSU.

My test-implementation here is a little bit “over the top” as I have used 0.1% Vishay RN55 resistors and Nichicon KZ and KG “Gold Tune” audio-grade caps. Not sure if it makes a difference, but it does look nice I think (and that matters to some people – me included :D). I have also assembled the diode-bridge and I plan to (at some point) make up another set of amp boards and try the minimalist implementation with only 1000-2000uF of capacitance on each PSU rail and see if I can hear a difference.

The assembled set of boards will be used as a dual-mono amp with two 150VA transformers (on order) and the boards are mounted to 25x50x100mm pieces of aluminium for heat sinking (we’ll see if that is enough, but it should be).

The project files will be published soon – I just need to make a few final tweaks to them first 🙂


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