JLH 1969 PSU

As promised, here is the matching PSU for the mini JLH1969 amp. Based (roughly) on the PSU designed for the JLH1996 amp, this is a single-rail regulated PSU based on an LM1084 (or LM338) regulator giving a 5A current limit. The board measures 5×10 cm and is intended to be used for one amplifier channel. The onboard heat sink is a Fischer SK68/50 which should be enough for an amp that draws app. 1.3A, especially if the low-drop LM1084 regulator and a suitable transformer is used.

The PSU works, but I haven’t had time to test it properly with the amp just yet (hopefully in the coming weekend). More pictures and information when that is done and I can post the project files 🙂



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