Project files: Little helpers – Connectors

The second part of my “little helpers” project series consists of a few connector boards amplifiers or for testing/lab use.

What is it?
Three boards for various connectors and purposes:

  • An XLR/TRS-board which is a small breakout-board for a Neutrik NC6FI-H XLR/TRS combo connector that means you can then use bare wires or a three-pin connector to wire up the socket.
  • An XLR I/O board which is intended for XLR in and loop out with “standard” PCB-mounted Neutrik D-series XLR connectors.
  • An RCA I/O board which is designed for some board mounted RCA connectors. I don’t actually know who makes these but they are pretty much the only decent-quality style PCB mounted RCAs that I know of. There are a couple of of internet sources for them (ebay, audiophonics, Rapid electronics, ) and I think they are identical (if nothing else then in size/dimensions) to the ones sold by Vampire at a more “audiophile” price 😉 If anyone knows the “true” source of these then I’d like to know?

How big are the boards?
Small… I don’t want to list them all here 🙂

What is the status of the boards?
The boards are in v1.0 which means they have been tested and are working.

Does it use any special/expensive/hard-to-find parts?
Mostly there’s only one real part on the board and that is the connector itself which can be a bit expensive, so yes, I guess so 😀

Anything else I need to know?

  • Note that although the XLR/TRS sockets do fit into a standard Neutrik D-series hole, for reasons I don’t quite understand the board will not sit completely straight if mounted that way. For most uses that will not be a problem, but if you want to use these in a 1U enclosure you need to be a bit careful or mount the board upside down. To avoid this, make your panel holes exactly as it is shown on the drawing.
  • On the XLR-boards there is an onboard jumper to connect pin 1 to ground, so depending on usage (SE or BAL) and grounding scheme of your build, this is an easy way to manage ground loops. There is also a jumper to connect the chassis to ground which should not ever be necessary if everything you connect is made properly. If it isn’t, then that jumper is here to save the day 😀
  • The “XLR loop” boards are included in a “right” and a “left” version which are mirrored. If you only need one version and don’t really care which one, I’d recommend the one marked “left” as it has the nicest routing (unbroken ground plane).

Download design files here

Related information:
Note: Always read the “intro post” for additional important information about my designs.

As usual, please remember to consult the manufacturer’s datasheets as well and ensure that you verify the connector part numbers before hitting the “buy” button on anything :).


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