A good idea…

Like many people, I use running and walking as a way to try and stay in shape (yes I admit, you can’t really see it ;)) and also to take my mind off work and daily life in general. I also very often use this time as a way of solving problems and generating new ideas. Some of the ideas are definitely good, some are probably not so good and some of them just turn out to be very expensive 😀

A couple of months ago while out, I had the idea for a way to build a balanced Beta22 headphone amp from AMB. I didn’t technically need that, but since I have a pair of balanced headphones I thought I’d give it a go.

The B22 is not a cheap project by any means, especially not in the balanced configuration – and when you then start adding a few custom-fabricated enclosure parts and transformers then it is really starting to hurt! But hey, I am not into DIY audio to save money (definitely not…) so here we are 😀

Still quite a bit of work left to go as you can see, but even the electricals are coming along nicely. And while I am confident that the result will end up being worth it, I have to admit it was a pretty expensive run I went for that day 😀


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