Project files: Mains controller v1.5

What is it?
As promised in the original post, an update of the Mainscontroller design to v1.5.

This is the transformer-based version 1.1 which I have tweaked a bit. There aren’t really any functional changes but I cleaned up the layout a little and included some things from the rev. 2.0 such as a “”proper” terminal block for the switched DC output. Also, two versions are included, one with an onboard fuse and a single output connector, the other without the fuse and with two parallel outputs instead. The holes are compatible between the versions and all parts except the output connectors and fuse holder are identical between the two versions.

There are some minor tweaks to the included BoM as well, mainly the addition of values for a 9V option but also tweaks to some resistor values for more consistent operating points between the versions.

How big are the boards?
Both board versions measure 3.7″ x 1.875″ (app. 94 x 48mm) – the same as the older v1.1.

What is the status of the boards?
As mentioned, this is v1.5 of an already tested design. I have built one copy of the single-output version and it works as expected.

Does it use any special/expensive/hard-to-find parts?
Compared to the original v1.1, no.

Anything else I need to know?
If you’ve read the comments in the original post, then no 🙂

Download design files here

Related information:
Note: Always read the “intro post” for additional important information about my designs.


11 Responses to Project files: Mains controller v1.5

  1. Palmito says:

    Hi. I’m almost done with my first board (smps based). I got the Sharp S102S11, which has the snubber circuit built in (from your notes in the BOM). So I leave out C5 and R6 and just use the varistor, correct? No need to jumper any of the left out pads? This little board is great!

    BTW, just read you latest post about the ripoff boards, very disappointing and like you said, someone from the community… Hope you get at least an apology!

    Thanks for all your blogs, very helpful!

    • theslowdiyer says:


      Yes, the snubber circuit is C5/R6, so you can leave those out if the SSR has the snubbers built-in – no need to jumper anything 🙂

      Thanks for the comments and happy building!


  2. Palmito says:

    Need a bit of assistance… 😦 Tested the board, jumpered the “test” pins. It works but it’s always “on” meaning that removing the test jumper only turns off the DC switched (actually, the switched dc voltage is 0.2vdc with the jumper removed from test). Bit, I always have 120vac on the two mains outputs wheter the jumper is on or not in test. The ssr is new (not recycled…). Any hints where to start troubleshooting? Or maybe it’s a bad ssr? Thanks again.

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Do you have a load connected? SSRs behave strangely when there is no load connected and one of these strange behaviours is normally to stay turned on 🙂 Connect a lamp for testing purposes and see if that helps 🙂


  3. Palmito says:

    Thanks! I connected a trafo and a power supply board as the load. For a while it “half worked”, when I removed the test jumper it cut ac voltage to about 68vac (not 0vac). I turned it off for a while and now just tested it again and it now is back to having no effect, stays at 120vac with or without the test jumper. From the begining the STB diode never come one, the PWR one does when the jumper is on test. I’m sure I did something wrong, I’ll recheck all the components on the board again tomorrow…

  4. palmito says:

    Hi. I got back to the board and I can not make it work. It’s always on. A few questions if you have the time (please forgive my ignorance!):

    1) To test it, put a load on and jumper “test”? That is all I need? There is nothing on switch or trg. Removing “test” jumper should turn off the ssr, putting it on should turn it on?
    2) Can you check I got the right key parts:
    3) Does it make any difference that with the above ssr the snubber is before the varistor (since the snubber is in the ssr)?


    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi, That is correct and your parts look spot on as well. Please send me a message through the contact form instead, then I can either send you pictures of my board or you can send me pictures of yours so we can try and fix the problem.


      • palmito says:

        I can’t even do that right… where is the “contact” form? The comments form in the abou me page?

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