I don’t normally post about all the audio-related stuff I buy (then this would not be a blog but a twitter-feed 🙂 ), but here’s an exception:

In a post coming very shortly I am going to complain about how expensive it can be to get decent quality volume control attenuators for DIY audio projects. I still think that I am right in saying that, but nevertheless – sometimes you have to be a little lucky 😉

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to find a sales listing on a local audio forum for three Penny & Giles RF15 stereo log pots. I saw the listing only minutes after it was posted and so managed to beat about a handful of others that wanted them.

I know that P&G pots are very highly regarded (and very expensive) but having never handled one before I didn’t really know why. Now that I’ve collected mine from the post office I can however see why. They are heavy, they seem very solidly built and the feel of the action is silky smooth. These are used and probably quite old, but I expect that they will work fine still. I already have a project lined up for one of them and the other two are going into storage until I find something else worthy of these beauties 🙂

And the price? Oh, about the same as you’d pay for a standard blue Alps pot when purchased from a reputable supplier… (I did say I was lucky to find these, right? 🙂 )


3 Responses to Score!

  1. awjlogan says:

    Nice, good find!

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  3. ksjung88 says:

    Congraturations…u did grab a lick.=)

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