Happy 2015!!

Another year gone, another time to make a quick status 🙂

As I have written about a couple of times during the year, I am still a bit overwhelmed with the number of people clicking their way here. The number of page views passed 64k a few days ago which is quite a big step up from the 15k at the end of last year. The download count for the project files is now well over 1300 as well and I really hope to continue this trend in 2015 – workload and bank manager permitting of course 😀

Now, things are probably going to be a bit quiet here for the next couple of weeks as I head to China on Friday. Mostly just a sightseeing holiday, but hopefully with a chance to do some audio-related shopping as well. Fortunately my X-mas break did give me a chance to (nearly) finish some builds that I will be showing over the next weeks/months. A big milestone was reached when I finally managed to case one of my RIAAs, which means I go into 2015 with a working vinyl rig – very nice!

In other news I received my first custom-machined Modushop front panels from Schaeffer/FPX last week. They turned out very well, so it seems my favourite hobby has found yet another way of ruining me which I will show soon. Also, as you have probably noticed from the last few month’s updates I still have plenty of half-finished projects to carry on into 2015, so in case you were worried there’s no real shortage of content for the blog 🙂

For now, thanks a lot for reading and all the best for 2015 to everyone of you 🙂


2 Responses to Happy 2015!!

  1. Casper says:

    Can’t wait for the vinyl related posts 🙂

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