Yes, I know it’s the title of a classic album from Australian group Crowded House but it is also an occasionally very popular way of finishing hifi products 😀

European (or at least Scandinavian) readers may recall the now-defunct Danish “Holfi” brand from a decade or so ago. Here, thick cherrywood fronts were the norm and as usual with these things, that made the opinion of the brand more based on looks and perception than on sound quality (comments along the lines of “I don’t want something I have to paint every year to keep it from rotting” were frequent…).

However, wood also has a number of benefits, mainly that it is easier than metal to work with for most average diy’ers, and so when I stumbled upon some suitable wooden panels I started planning to give it a go as well. The wood is an unknown “exotic” (for a Scandinavian at least) species that I purchased in Japan last year. The boards are cut to 5mm by 50mm dimensions that are perfect for front panels for Modushop cases and that is honestly why I bought them**.

What am I doing with them? Good question and I am not quite ready to show that yet, but it will be a small pre- and power amp combination (because I definitely need more of those – groan! :D)

**Sidenote: I am sure many of the readers here recognise the feeling of looking at something and realising that it can be used for an audio project – if that rings a bell, I can only warn you against going to Tokyu Hands (especially their main branches in Shibuya and Shinjuku) and visiting the DIY-supplies section 😀



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