My work keeps me extremely busy at the moment, so when I finally have a free weekend I need some way to distract myself from work. Unfortunately the lack of time means that it is hard to start up any project that is even a bit complicated – however, you can always put a little kit together on a Sunday afternoon, can’t you? 🙂

The kit for this time is (supposedly) a clone of the Graham Slee Solo headamp. The circuit here seems quite traditional, an opamp for gain, a pair of transistors for output and a pair of LM7815/7915 regulators for power.

As is my custom with these builds, I have “enhanced” the ebay kit with some selected pickings from my parts bin. All PSU capacitors are now Panasonic FCs, the decoupling caps are NOS Elna Cerafines and the input caps are NOS Blackgates (they have been in storage for far too long by now so I have to use them :)) I have also replaced the volume control with an ebay stepped attenuator and the opamps have been changed from the NE5534s that came with the kit to LME49710 instead.

Sound quality is not bad and there should be room for some tailoring by swapping opamps. I don’t have time for this right now, but it’s nice to have something to do on another Sunday afternoon, right? 😀


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    Cant wait till i do this!

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