Project files: Little helpers – Capacitor boards

Another post in my “little helpers” project series consists of a couple of capacitor boards for mounting input/output capacitors that will not otherwise fit on an amplifier board.

What is it?
Universal boards for (input) capacitor mouting, either for testing purposes or for designs where there is no space to mount a decent-sized capacitor on the main PCB. I made the small board to supplement my P3A clone where adding a large input capacitor would have increased the overall board size quite a bit, so using an off board input cap gives more flexibility. The background for the ridiculously large “MegaMKP”-version you can read in my previous post.

How big are the boards?
This big 🙂

  • The “normal” board measures 2.0″ x 2.0″ (app. 51 x 51 mm.)
  • The “MegaMKP” board measures 3.95″ x 0.625″ (app. 100 x 16 mm.)

What is the status of the boards?
Both boards are in v1.0, meaning they have been tested and are working.

Does it use any special/expensive/hard-to-find parts?
Well, there’s really nothing on these boards except the capacitors 😀

Anything else I need to know?

  • The small board has capacitor mounting for small caps on the top and for larger caps. Max dimensions are approximately:
    • Bottom side mounting: 25 x 38mm axial capacitor (with holes for 33mm long caps as well).
    • Top side mounting: 27mm lead spacing x 15mm thick box cap or app. 20 x 28 mm. axial capacitor.
  • If using the bottom side mounting points, either mount the board upside down on standoffs or don’t use the footprint for the terminal block but solder wires to the board instead.
  • The large board has holes for a various combinations of 2/3/4 large caps. There are screw holes that can be used to mount the boards to the chassis via standoffs so you can use caps as big as you like.

Download design files here

Related information:
Note: Always read the “intro post” for additional important information about my designs.


12 Responses to Project files: Little helpers – Capacitor boards

  1. Always find something useful in your archive:)

    I was able to connect the balanced output of my dac to my asc modules by adding a 4,7 uF capacitor. Prominent buzzing sound but I am sure it is a grounding problem.

    How do you usually handle balanced output into the icepower modules? Do you use these boards to hold coupling capacitors?

  2. Thanks. The modules do have built-in dc blocking so your right, it should work. However, I dont get any audio when connecting + to +, – to – and gnd to gnd.

    Could a grounding problem be causing this?

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Quite a few variables here that I don’t know about, but something basic first: Do you have the LEDs connected so you can check that the modules are actually on and operational? As far as I recall, they boot up in standby mode so you need to add a jumper across a couple of pins before it switches on. Check the data sheet for additional info if you haven’t already 🙂

      • Thank you.

        Yes they are on and working. I have been test running them using single ended output from my dac and that works and sounds fine. Powers on using signal sense and no buzzing.

        When using balanced output they power on with signal sense as well but requires higher volume to activate. Loud pop when powering on. No buzzing but also no audio.

        When I added the 4,7 uF to negative and positive out on dac they powered on with signal sense immediately. I got audio but also buzzing sound.

  3. Tried another film capacitor I had available and success. Perfect sound and no buzzing.

    What capacitor would you recommend for the 700asc?

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Great that it works 🙂 I don’t know if I can recommend any particular caps. I quite like the ClarityCap ESA-series at the moment, but it’s probably more to do with how they look than because I hear a difference 😀

  4. Thanks. Ordered a couple of Mundorf that I cant wait to try out:)

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures from your build.

  5. From your specs this is for 38mm caps. Would a 39mm with 1mm wire fit? Or are the tolerances to tight?

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi Martin,

      Pretty sure that extra mm isn’t going to be a problem. Most of the times the problem with caps is if they have very thick leads that can’t bend close to the capacitor body 🙂

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