Going to CanJam!

I am off to the European leg of the “CanJam” headphone meets/shows which runs this weekend in the middle of one of my favourite cities – London!

I have been to a couple of industry trade shows before but never to one where the focus is so much on the consumer and the community, so I am not really sure what to expect. Hopefully, there will be plenty of stuff to see, plenty of people that you know but have never actually met ( 🙂 ) and of course – since it is in London -I will also have the opportunity to do a bit of shopping.

If you are joining us in London, feel free to drop me a line and let’s meet for a “hello” and a quick chat – I would love to get the chance to speak to any readers and fellow audio enthusiasts 🙂

…and yes, even the most exciting journey often starts with a long wait in a boring airport lounge – so guess where I am now? 😀


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