An unusual clone…

Well, it isn’t actually that unusual when you look at it, but to most audiophiles these days cloning a Harman/Kardon amplifier doesn’t make a lot of sense – they’re nothing special. That used to be different though**. Before Harman became a big conglomerate, took over many other brands and positioned the Harman/Kardon brand as a middle-of-the-road consumer brand, they were actually quite a decent hifi-company. Especially their top-of-the-range “Citation” series became home to a few popular classics.

Small wonder then, than even Nelson Pass had a go at improving of one of these – go and have a look (or download pdf here). Admittedly it was a while ago (1981), but if Nelson’s had a hand in it I think it might be worth trying and so what you see in the pictures is actually a “Pass Citation 12” clone.

As for my contribution here it’s honestly quite limited – I bought the amplifier PCBs som time ago from user Tazzz who always makes nice stuff 🙂 The power supply is mine though, but it’s just a bigger version of a previous design I did (as I recently upgraded to a different version of Eagle which can do bigger boards than the standard 80×100 mm.), so honestly that’s not much of a contribution either 😀

As the picture shows, I am stilling missing the main PSU caps but otherwise I already have most of the parts I need to finish this. I need an enclosure that fits as well though, so interesting project or not, it’s going on to my (already very long) list of half-finished projects 😀

**Fun fact: My first “real” amplifier and CD-player back in 1994 were the entry-level models from H/K. That set kept me in music for over 10 years and then did another few years of service with my brother when her moved into his own apartment for the first time. Unfortunately I don’t think the entry-level models from H/K of today are the same quality…


3 Responses to An unusual clone…

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  3. ksjung88 says:

    Reading this post, I’ve contacted Tazzz to get some pcbs. When I finish building, I will post. =)

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