The Muffsy RIAA clone (teaser…)

It’s been a while and I’ve got no time to do a big writeup right now (it’s Christmas eve!!) but it’s here, it’s working and no, it looks nothing like the original. More in a few days but a very merry Christmas to everyone for now 😀


8 Responses to The Muffsy RIAA clone (teaser…)

  1. skrodahl says:

    Excellent work, I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

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  3. Joost says:

    what is the wattage of the resistors?

  4. Joost says:


    Which type/brand of capacitor do you use for C1. I can’t find mkp 150pf 5mm spacing.


    • theslowdiyer says:

      You can use a different value here as well, depending on what your cartridge expects 🙂 I used some Rifa MKPs that I got from eBay I think. Mouser has Wima FKP2 in 150pF as well (p/n 505-FKP2150/100/2.5).

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