Happy 2016!

As 2015 closes behind us and 2016 is just beginning, I would of course like to say a big “hello!” and an even bigger “thank you” to all of the people following my blog and reading what I post.

Lately the posts have been a bit further apart, but despite this the reader numbers are quite high – in fact much higher than I expected and I am of course grateful for that. The blog has now been visited by people from more than 120 countries around the world which I think is extremely impressive – I am not entirely sure I could even name 120 countries 😀

In terms of what 2016 will bring there’s plenty of potential content in the pipeline I guess, but as usual work is intruding quite severely on my build time 😉

As a small appetiser of what’s coming, one of the long-term projects that I’ve managed to make som progress on lately is my first AMB Beta 22 headphone amplifier. I built the boards several years ago but then didn’t really make any progress for a long time. Finally a few months ago I summoned up the courage to test the boards and as they seemed to work fine I started on the mechanics. All that’s really left to do now is a bit of wiring and some final adjustments, so maybe sometime this summer is a realistic timeline? 😉

Best wishes for the new year to everyone out there reading 😀



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