April fools…

No, this isn’t really a joke as such. However, there’s something strangely appropriate about posting this today I think 😀

It’s an “extended” version of my ZenHP amp, but I went a little overboard and added the gigantic polypropylene caps I purchased on my last trip to Japan as the output caps. As mentioned then, I’d want to test if using film capacitors on the output made any sonic difference compared to the electrolytics that are normally used. We shall see how that works out later on….

The downside of this (perceived) audiophile greatness (…) is that in order to make everything fit in a 2U/350mm enclosure I basically had to cheat a bit on the PSU. It’s either going to be an internal IRM20 switching type from Mean Well as shown or a very simple linear one that can be fed from an external transformer. Obviously having an amp as big as this requiring an external PSU is a bit stupid, but hey – it’s an experiment! 😀

Also, since it’s an experiment I’m not going to order fancy front and rear panels for this amp yet. Once I’m through travelling for work in a couple of weeks I’ll have to do a bit of metalwork of my own instead. Not much else missing before it’s ready to play though, but with my current workload it might still take a while to do.

PS: I’ve you see any good audiophile April fools jokes online, feel free to post a link in the comments section.



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