Scope creep…

For those not already familiar with the term it is when projects suddenly grow in size and complexity – often without anyone actually realising why. This little teaser is exactly one of those projects 🙂

I recently (and very innocently) found two PCBs that someone was trying to offload cheaply on diyaudio. I decided to buy them because I like the design and because I knew I had most of the parts to build them (no, I’m not telling you what it is just now 😀 ).

However, once I starting thinking about how to actually use the PCBs, what was originally intended as a simple job for a rainy Sunday afternoon quickly grew a bit more complicated. As a result, I’ve already spent more or less the first Sunday afternoon fabricating two slabs of aluminium to mount the boards on and designing the rest of the chassis components. I still need to go through the BoM to validate that I do have all the components and no – I haven’t even started on populating the PCBs yet 🙂

On one hand it’s part of the fun to just take a project and see where it goes – on the other hand I do sometimes wish that I was a little more realistic with my up-front planning 😉


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