Good news from TI…

I’ve written a couple of times about components being discontinued, but sometimes it seems we’re in luck and things go the other way 🙂

According to a recent post on diyaudio (and a TI PCN) it seems some of the TI parts I originally wrote about were being discontinued are now being reinstated. Among the 22 parts that are being restored to “active”-status are the LME49710 and the LME49720 in DIP-packages, as well as the LME49600 buffer. Note: I can’t really work out if this is temporary or permanent but even if its temporary the last delivery date is in 2017 so with luck there’ll be some more parts in the supply chain to stockpile 🙂

Now I have no real illusions that TI’s decision is based on the desperate cries of audio diy’ers, but whatever the reason it’s nice to have more quality parts available 😀


2 Responses to Good news from TI…

  1. ksjung88 says:

    That’s good news… And TI has discontinued lme49990…nice op. I am not well-experienced with OP amps. So any idea about a desirable substitute for 49990?

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