Minipre in a box…

A while ago I presented my “MiniPre”-project of a simple op-amp based preamplifier. Now I’ve had occasion to put it into use as a small standalone preamp/active monitor controller.

The design is very simple, so not much to be added there (whatever you need is probably already in the original post), but it’s basically a standard dual op-amp in non-inverting configuration.

The power supply will be in the form of a small DC-DC converter (a continuation of my previous experiments) so that I can feed the box from a single 5V supply and keep the case size down. Because of this I’ve managed to cram everything into the smallest available hifi2000 case, so it will fit nicely on a desk 🙂

The advantage of this simple design is the the selection of opamp tends to have a noticeable influence on the sound signature, so this is one place where there is room to experiment whether different options have better synergy than others.


5 Responses to Minipre in a box…

  1. Really nice!

    Been looking through your past preamp projects looking for one with tone control but havnt yet found one.

    Im looking to build a balanced preamp with ability to control bass, treble and most probably volume. Have you done anything like this?

  2. Thank you

    Found an old post discussing what looks like a simple passive tone control.

    Might I ask for your thoughts regarding passive vs active tone controls?

    Are you aware of any design / kit / component of quality?

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi Martin, unfortunately the discussion around passive/active tone controls are a bit beyond my technical level – you should be able to find plenty of discussion online though.

      I’m not really aware of any kits that I would call “high quality” either. I know there are kits available, but I’ve never really looked into them (haven’t needed to 🙂 ) so not much help to share. As mentioned if I were in the market I’d look for a reputable design and start from there, and the kits I would only consider if i could see at least a simplified schematic up front.

  3. Thank you

    Your input is always appreciated

    Looking forward to upcoming projects:)

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