ICEpower 50ASX – SE to BTL conversion

I’ve recieved a few questions (and participated in a diyaudio discussion thread) about converting ICEpower 50ASX2 SE modules (which are fairly easy to get), into 50ASX BTL modules (which aren’t). I was pretty sure this could be done without component substitutions by simply desoldering the W401 jumper and resoldering it into the W400 position (marked BTL on the bottom of the board) but as I had no modules left, I couldn’t try it. Now I’ve managed to get my hands on some more modules and I’ve actually tried converting one of them and the good news are – I think it works!

I haven’t actually measured anything (not sure what to measure to be honest) but I get clean audio out on the BTL speaker connector (P104) and a very loud buzzing noise on the other output, so at least it isn’t running stereo anymore. No guarantees on anything yet though, but it’s definitely promising.

Oh, and don’t laugh at my improvised test setup, it is necessary because I don’t have a proper balanced source in the house at the moment and I couldn’t be bothered to crimp new cables just for testing 🙂 Incidentally, don’t laugh at the poor picture either – winter in Scandinavia means the days are so short that I can only take pictures in daylight during the weekend…

Next up is to convert a second module, build some better cables and try it “for real” in a stereo setup – hopefully this weekend 🙂



3 Responses to ICEpower 50ASX – SE to BTL conversion

  1. Benny says:

    This is awesome news, thanks for posting. I’ve been scattering for a btl version for 6 month now, but no luck.
    Not even GhentAudio knows where to buy it 😳 and they sell a kit just for it.

    I guess you’ll have to measure som current and voltage to establish wether it works or not. Before and after a conversion, into the same load at the same “volume” for both of them.

    I’ll be watching your work 💪🏼👍🏼

  2. Daniel says:

    ill be watching too.
    i search a 2nd btl module…for nearly a year!
    LD Systems wants over 200 Euros for this! Its inside the Stinger 8
    at this price i get a 125 ASX from Icepower on a plate (miniDSP PWR-ICE125WD)

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