About me

Who am I?

I am in my late thirties (just barely) and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Most of the week I work for a local Energy/Utilities company doing IT Architecture-stuff (which I have an alter-ego blog on over here). What little time is left over I spend on a number of (usually expensive) hobbies, a few of which are showcased here. Among the others are traveling the world, mainly to visit shopping outlets and take pictures of very tall buildings…

I have been tinkering with electronics and hi-fi for well over 20 years now, and although I do have a couple of pieces of paper claiming to be engineering degrees, I am not a professional by any means (…and they are not electrical engineering degrees anyway 🙂 ). I do this for fun and because I enjoy the design process and the satisfaction of (occasionally) building something that actually works. If I had wanted to do this to save money, I should have stopped ages ago! 😉

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and if any of what you see here inspires you, feel free to leave a comment or send me a note using the contact form. Happy reading (and building)!

Legal stuff and warnings:

All content on this site belongs to me unless otherwise stated. All content created by me that may be presented on these pages, including but not limited to: text, photos, sketches, drawings, videos, programming code and design/CAD files of any sort may not be reproduced, rehosted or otherwise used for any commercial purpose without my prior written consent. Likewise, no content should not be used for any other purpose without proper acknowledgement of the origins of said content.

Last but not least, the obligatory warnings:

– Just because I say it is so –  doesn’t mean it is so.
– Just because I made it work – doesn’t mean it should work (and vice versa…).
– Just because I survived it – doesn’t mean you will!

6 Responses to About me

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  2. Wim Groenier says:

    Hey, mr theslowdiyer 🙂
    reading your blog on my search for jFet matcher, I came across the buffer, something I also need. So, maybe you still have a board laying around? (same question for the ‘Matcher’). As I already stated, I’ll cover the costs, provide me with the details.

    Wim Groenier

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi Wim,

      I should have spares of most of the designs. If you send me an email through the form on the “contact me” page with what you need I’ll have a look.


  3. Wim Groenier says:

    Hi again,

    I see that you use files (thedownloaded ones) I can display on a Mac! Any advise about programs to be use to display these files?



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