Another anniversary…

Here we go again! It’s now been seven years since I started writing here and in a few months I should hit 300 posts (!) which I think is pretty good for a hobby project 😀

The past year has been a bit special and a bit weird in some ways, because during 2019 I honestly wasn’t making much progress on anything (too busy with other stuff) and when there’s no progress motivation generally also tends to drop. However, I think it’s safe to say that 2020 so far has managed to make up for it. The last couple of months of corona-enforced lockdown changed the balance a little and so the last few weeks I have done so many things that I think that compensates for the poor showing of 2019 🙂

Having rediscovered the motivation – and the mountain of unfinished work – it looks like we can keep going for (at least) another year! As always thanks for reading, commenting and asking questions – that’s what really makes it worth continuing here 🙂



Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the time where this blog celebrates its anniversary!

This time it’s number six and it is of course even more surprising than last time that I’ve gotten this far. The pace has slowed a bit I think, but I’m still going and in all honesty the backlog of potential projects and content is still huge.
So, if you readers promise to stick around I promise to do the same 😀

Until next year, thanks for reading and thanks for your questions/comments and feedback because that is truly what really makes it worthwhile for me to continue posting! 🙂

Fifth anniversary!

Yes, this blog is now five years old! I’ve made over 200 posts – mostly on the intended topic of the blog – and I still plan on continuing.

So, what else has happened in that time?

  • I’ve moved into a house, so I have much better working space than when I started in the apartment (and much less money to spend on DIY audio…).
  • I’ve learned how to program an Arduino (well, sort of anyway…)
  • I’ve tried to program a Raspberry Pi (and decided that I really can’t be bothered learning that…)
  • I’ve had my designs copied and sold on ebay (although I should stress that this was solved amicably)
  • I’ve had one of my designs referenced in AudioXpress!

…but most importantly, I have received a lot of great feedback from people, a lot of positive responses to designs and builds, and had a lot of opportunities to connect with other people around the world that share this hobby. That in all honesty counts for a lot more than many of the other things and is what really motivates me to continue writing (which I definitely plan to do).

Last but not least – and in response to a question that no one has asked in five years 😀 : The grey background for nearly all of the pictures on the blog is my coffee table which is made from recycled slate roof shingles by a local-ish Danish designer. Originally the table was just the best place that was close to natural light, but now I think it provides a good contrast to the green PCBs – not to mention that it makes the pictures easy to recognize in google image search results 😉

(Yet another) anniversary!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – and this year it’s the fourth anniversary of the blog 😀

Not a lot to say that I haven’t already said the last couple of years, but I still expect to continue writing as much as time allows. I am also still very excited and greatly appreciative of your questions and comments, so keep it up 🙂

Picture below is of what is (currently) sitting near the top of my project pipeline, namely four 4U diyaudio special-edition pre-drilled heatsinks. These are specifically intended to accelerate (as much as possible) the completion of my Pass VFET project as well as one other Pass project using boards from the diyaudio store that I have wanted to do for some time now 🙂

Third anniversary…

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the third anniversary of this blog. Just like last time, I never imagined I’d still be here etc. etc.

I still very much enjoy writing here when time permits. I also have plenty of unfinished projects to write about, so even if we’re nearing 150 posts I hope there’ll be many more to come.

A “virtual” toast to that – and of course to all of you reading out there! 🙂


Second anniversary…

Yes, today is the second anniversary of the blog and when I started writing I honestly didn’t think I’d still be here 🙂

As this post also just happens to be number 100, it is the perfect opportunity to say thanks to everyone out there reading and post the obligatory stats:

  • 100 posts, more than 80% of which are on audio-related builds or project file posts.
  • Over 90k page views in all
  • Over 2k project file downloads in total
  • Visitors to the site now come from 116 countries and territories around the world

I am currently in Japan on holiday, so I hope to have some new audio-related stuff to write about when I get back. In any case, I can assure you there are still plenty of other projects in the “pipeline” back home.

Thanks again for reading – I hope to continue writing and celebrate many more anniversaries in the future! 😀