Just read over on Innerfidelity that the founder of the Headwize site and namesake of the CMoy headphone amplifier, Chu Moy, has passed away recently.

As a relatively early member of Headwize, I can remember discovering a site with an active discussion forum and a lot of inspiration for a novice audio diy’er like myself. Apart from the direct contribution of the Headwize forum (including the projects gallery that I have mentioned several times in the past), Headwize of course also spawned and many other international and local headphone forums that still run today.

Headwize was also the birthplace of the first community headphone amplifier build projects (like the ones from Tangent and AMB) that have helped others get started in this new hobby. I am sure there are quite a few people out there who first experienced the elation of playing music through a self-built amp via one of these projects 🙂

Although I never knew Chu Moy personally and he was out of the “spotlight” for many years, I am very grateful for his contribution to the audio hobby and of course for being one of the reasons why I am in this at all 🙂

Full story by Tyll Hertsens


Back from Canjam…

Yes, I have returned from the CanJam meet in London! (see previous post). Overall a very good experience – although it was my first show/meet of this type. I met quite a few interesting people and had some good discussions with fellow hifi-nuts. As always, the enthusiasm clearly shines through (as is the case with any hobby I guess?). I also thought (and that might just be me) that it looked like a more diverse crowd than what I typically see at audio shows – not surprising as such, but just enough to be noticeable 🙂

I brought the camera, but there were so many other people with cameras that I only managed a few shots before putting it away. If you want to see what went on, check out the official head-fi “meet-thread” for pictures etc. instead.

As expected there were quite a lot of interesting new products to see, touch and try, but I managed to get out with my credit cards (relatively) unharmed – at least for now 😀 Best sound of the show for me was definitely the combination of the Stax SR-009 electrostatic headphones and the Headamp “Blue Hawaii SE” tube amplifier as pictured below. This is a killer setup – unfortunately with an equally killer price tag.

The most annoying thing was probably that I’ve never listened to the SR-009s before and I was a bit surprised at how big a step up from the SR-007s that I own they represent. That does not bode well for whenever I decide to go to Japan again 😀

Looking forward to next year’s CanJam because if my schedule allows I will definitely be there! 🙂

Going to CanJam!

I am off to the European leg of the “CanJam” headphone meets/shows which runs this weekend in the middle of one of my favourite cities – London!

I have been to a couple of industry trade shows before but never to one where the focus is so much on the consumer and the community, so I am not really sure what to expect. Hopefully, there will be plenty of stuff to see, plenty of people that you know but have never actually met ( 🙂 ) and of course – since it is in London -I will also have the opportunity to do a bit of shopping.

If you are joining us in London, feel free to drop me a line and let’s meet for a “hello” and a quick chat – I would love to get the chance to speak to any readers and fellow audio enthusiasts 🙂

…and yes, even the most exciting journey often starts with a long wait in a boring airport lounge – so guess where I am now? 😀