Changing of the guard…

Normally I wouldn’t really post updates about my non-DIY gear, but today is an exception. Because today I have gone from this:

Elac Air Motion Transformer tweeter

Elac in-house built “Air Motion Transformer” tweeter


to this!

Sonus Faber "ring radiator" tweeter by Vifa/Scan Speak

Sonus Faber “Ring Radiator” tweeter by Vifa/Scan Speak


It is a pre-owned pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Ms in graphite finish. The speakers are app. 4 years old (based on the serial number, I don’t know it exactly) but in immaculate condition and bought from a German dealer for what I think is a very reasonable price. I have been lusting over these for a long time now (since before the “M” version was introduced) because not only are these superb speakers, they are also in my opinion little works of art 🙂 The craftsmanship clearly shows when you look at the finish.

I’ll still keep the Elacs (and enjoy them) for surround sound, but in my stereo setup (which accounts for by far the majority of my listening hours at the moment), the Sonus Fabers will be moving in instead. This probably also means that some of my ongoing DIY speaker projects and part of my “collection” of unused drivers will be moving out over the next couple of months, but let’s see. For now I am really looking forward to listening more over the weekend and the coming weeks.

And as for the obvious question: Do they sound as glorious as they look? – Well, so far the answer is a resounding “yes”! 😀