A real Ba****d – Part 2

Second part of my “rework” of the old “The Bastard” – the RIAA-stage. The first was the tube-based line stage which you can see in one of my previous posts and there you can also find a link to the original article from a (long gone) Danish magazine.

This is a discrete solid-state RIAA stage based on fairly standard BC5xx-transistors. I know virtually nothing about RIAA-designs, toplogies, correction curves etc. so I will not comment on that and all I have done is to lay out a new PCB in Eagle. My enclosure parts for this build are currently on order, so I have only managed to listen very briefly to the board but it does sound promising I have to say :). Once it is built I will be listening further and comparing it against the Retro as well (in an “old-versus-new-technology” shootout :D).


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