JLH 1969 revisited…

Finally a bit of progress around here 😀

Even though I have already built a Linsley-Hood JLH1969 clone and another is in the works, I still wanted to make my own layout for this classic amplifier – and here it is!.

The board measures measurements are 2.3″ by 2.25″ (app 57×58 mm.) and as usual the layout is as tight (some would say “cramped” as I could make it. The transistors used are based on Geoff Moss’ recommendations. I actually have some NOS 2N1711, but the BD139-16 actually measures better (higher hfe). The output devices are MJL21196 because I had them available and because the larger TO-264 package is nice.

The board will be powered by a regulated PSU (hopefully ready shortly – the last parts are in the mail) based on a normal 3-pin regulator as shown in the 1996 JLH article (if all these references seem a bit like you have to be “in-the-know” to keep up, I suggest you start reading the pdf-articles here instead 🙂 ).

Now, I haven’t really done much with this beyond testing that it plays music, but when the PSUs are up and running I’ll look into more testing. In terms of value-for-money this isn’t likely to compete with the cheap ebay-kits, but hey – if I wanted to save money I wouldn’t be building amps I would just buy one that worked! 😀


13 Responses to JLH 1969 revisited…

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  4. Eric says:


    Keep these JLH projects coming ! I built a 2003 version JLH (bipolar supply) and so far it has to be one of my favorite amp.

    Is it possible to purchase some of your JLH 69 revisited PCB, they look great and the small size would be great for my application. Great work.


    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the comment – I completely agree with you on the qualities of the JLH amps, old and new.

      I can’t remember if I have any spare boards and if so which board revision they are, but if you send me a note through the “contact me” page I’ll rummage through some boxes in the mean time 🙂


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  6. Eric says:


    Well, I have finish building 1 channel and the amp works great. My heatsink is running too hot (about 0.9 C/W) for my taste even though I’m able to keep my hand for about 10 sec. I normallyrun my heatsink at 45C max. I have adjusted the bias at 0.9A with a 27Vdc supply (SMPS, 120W). The fact that the PCB is very small (about 50mmx50mm) does not cause any heat issue amoung the components, ex. T3 is not hot. My transistors are BC560C (T4), 2SC3902T (T3)and NJW21194 (T1,T2).

    Thanks a lot for the PCB


  7. Christoph Graf says:

    Happy ne3 year 🙂 I reallly like to read your blog and have a question: You don’t have 2 of your JLH boards left? Or if not the pcb layout ? Would be nice for my next JLH project…
    Best regards

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi Christoph,

      Thanks for you comments. If you send me an email through the “contact me” page I’ll see what I can do to help 🙂


      • Brandon says:


        I was curious if you have more jlh boards? I would be willing to purchase some. I have a Chinese jlh version and love it! Wanting to try another one!


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