Switched on?

Another project that’s been on hold for a very long time because I did not really need to finish it….

It’s a balanced two-in/two-out passive switch box which I intend to use partly to add an additional input to a spare amp, and partly to build a more comprehensive test setup for comparisons of sources and amps.

The signal switching is done via relays (see here for original post – oh how time flies!) and the power supply for the relays is an IRM power supply module as showed a few weeks ago. Switching of relays is done with latching button switches that I still need to wire up once the front panel is drilled and that’s about it really 😀

The relays are transistor controlled and 5V types, so while it is simple for now there is plenty of scope for adding functionality via an Arduino/ATtiny-based controller of some sort. The most obvious feature would be an IR remote control, but another thing I was originally thinking would be to add ABX-logic to try some blind testing. I sort of gave up on figuring that out, but if anyone knows how to build this in Arduino code give me a shout 🙂


2 Responses to Switched on?

  1. Dan says:

    I really enjoy your posts. Although my enthusiasm far out weights my abilities. Any thoughts on a 2 in 1 out switch box with remote…I would like to put in 2 SPDIF input and switch then. I have the same thing for optical…but cannot find one for RCA. XLR would be good….but I am planning to put the output into a MiniDSP and create an active speaker system….if we could discuss that would be great…???

    • theslowdiyer says:

      Hi Dan, I have a design for a RCA switch board which might be of use here (will need to look at it again first though), but I’m not sure about switching digital signals. It’s a bit more sensitive than analog signals, but it might work. Stay tuned 😀

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